Archive of E.L.I.A.

Digitization, Utilization, Projection of the Cultural Societies in the Greek Literary and Historical Archives :

E.L.I.A. has undertaken to realize the programme “Digitization, Utilization, Projection of E.L.I.A.’s Cultural Societies” under the Operational Programme (EFP) “Information Society”, Call 65, Measure 1.3: “Documentation, utilization and promotion of the Greek Culture”. The work comprises:
a) The scientific documentation and digitization of 84,500 records in E.L.I.A.’s archives:
- Photographs and postcards (Photographic Archive Collection)
- Ephemera Archive
-  Newspapers, periodicals and calendars (The Press Archive)
-  Theatre, Cinema and Music (Artistic Life Archive)

b) A multilingual, digitized publication entitled “DICTIONARY OF PHOTOGRAPHERS (1839-1960) Greek photographers and foreign photographers in Greece". (Please contribute to the enrichment and continuous improvement of this project by notifying us with your remarks, comments and/or additional information on photographers that are not included in the application or the Photo Archive of E.L.I.A-M.I.E.T (, or to  Mr. Alkis X. Xanthakis (

c) The development of a website on the subject: “Everyday life in Greece viewed through E.L.I.A.’s archives”.
The objective of the programme is the preservation, protection and utilization of the Greek cultural heritage, as well as the promotion of cultural education. At the same time, its multilingual content will make a decisive contribution to the projection and dissemination of the Greek culture across the European and international community. The realization of the programme will bring about the systematic recording of E.L.I.A.’s various archives and the provision of cross-referencing links. Additionally, part of the archives will be safeguarded from the effects of tear and wear that would otherwise inevitably result from the continual use of the records. Lastly, the wealth of information embodied in the archives in their entirety will be readily accessible and can be advantageously combined to serve the needs of a broad spectrum of interested individuals and parties.
The project was jointly financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Greek public funds by 80% and 20% respectively.

By keying in words or parts of words into the general purpose search utility, you can look up digitized records in any of E.L.I.A.’s Archives. The search is conducted on the metadata associated with every record (e.g. Title, Location, Date, Creator, Photographer, Publisher, Subject, Theatre, Theatrical Company etc).

Results are displayed in the form of a list that includes the heading of the record and a picture preview. Upon selecting a record (by clicking on the picture or the relevant heading) the metadata related to the record and the associated picture are enlarged.

Following the relevant link or clicking on the picture that accompanies the record, you can optionally open the digitized picture of any record in a new window.